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Sukuli Project (Sierra Leone)

Sukuli has worked with village communities to preserve local birth culture and traditions, identify social, political, and economic determinants of health, and increase reliance on local resources as top priorities to improved maternal-child health.

Activities are currently on hold due to the death of Sudy Storm, Founder and Director in August 2015. Volunteers close to Sudy and the project’s mission are now exploring programming possibilities.

Our Network Partners

These are some of the reasons Sukuli Project has worked to improve the health of Sierra Leonean villagers. Sukuli believes education and aid to build schools, latrines, and water wells are vital to long-term sustainable health and development. 100% of all proceeds have been used to support villagers–most recently, children recovering from Ebola or who were orphaned by the outbreak. Donations have provided training of community health workers, materials for schools, and basic medical supplies.

For more information on Sukuli Project, visit their Facebook page. 

Founder and Former Director — Sudy Storm

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