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One Heart Worldwide (OHW) is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization with more

than 20 years of experience implementing maternal and neonatal health programs in

some of the hardest to reach areas of the world. Their current exclusive focus is Nepal, and their mission is to save lives and promote the well-being of mothers and newborns in underserved areas. They envision a locally-led health system that provides equitable access to quality care for all mothers and newborns.


OHW builds the capacity of the local government at the municipality level to implement

a proper continuum of Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) care in their own

communities. Their model, the Network of Safety, actively engages local stakeholders to address critical gaps in Nepal’s MNH service delivery, ensuring that every pregnant

woman and newborn infant can access quality MNH care from a trained medical

provider (SBA) during pregnancy, childbirth, and the critical period after birth.

Since 2010, OHW has supported 280,000 pregnancies. Their programs have covered 24 out of the 36 rural or underserved districts. They expect to have completed their full

program in all districts by 2030.

Our Network Partners

OHW does not simply upgrade health facilities, or train health care professionals. They

build a “Network of Safety” around mothers and newborns by establishing a holistic

continuum of care in direct partnership with local government and community

stakeholders. OHW ensures mothers and newborns have access to appropriate care

during pregnancy and delivery by well-trained Skilled Birth Attendants, and in drastically improved birthing centers they renovate. 


At the frontlines of care, where facilities are run- down and rural health providers lack support and struggle with burnout, OHW programs inject renewed motivation. They garner local support and develop solutions informed by the cultural practices and beliefs of the people served. Few developmental efforts and government policies addressing MNH gaps in the past two decades have applied this type of anthropological lens to the intricate relationship between health outcomes and the complex needs of a mother, her family, and supporting structures.


Key Leadership of One Heart Worldwide:

Chief Executive Officer: David Murphy

Nepal Executive Director: Surya Bhatta

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer: Arlene Samen

Chief Operating Officer: Dr. Sibylle Kristensen

Program Director: Geeta Sharma

Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning: Liladhar Dhakal

Senior Training Coordinator: Bhagwati Shrestha

Senior Program Coordinator: Babita Bindu


Chief Financial Officer: James Vanreusel

Administration and Finance Director: Poonam Shakya


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