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Chiapas Midwifery Team


Mexico City Midwifery Team and Client

Since their opening in 2005, Luna Maya has been operating two birthing centers in Mexico, the first being in Chiapas, serving indigenous women in southern Mexico, and the second being in Mexico City (2015). These two centers combined have an average of 80 births per year, with zero maternal deaths. The neonatal mortality rate is about the same as for Mexico.

Our Network Partners

Luna Maya works to ensure all women in Mexico have access to humanized health services, including safe and humanized birth. They believe that women in Mexico have the right to make informed decisions about their bodies and to have access to resources necessary to ensure their health and wellbeing.


Luna Maya has also been deeply involved in organizing the midwifery profession to be recognized by the Mexican government.

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To learn more about their breakthrough approaches to reducing Cesarean section rates in Mexico:

General Director: Ilse Fajardo

Lead Midwife Luna Maya Chiapas: Magali Fabila
Lead Midwife Luna Maya Mexico City: Daniela Carrasco

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