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The Good Birth Network is a global community promoting midwifery center excellence. Good Birth brings together health professionals to support a global network of midwifery centers in collaborative quality initiatives.


The Good Birth Network consists of midwifery (birth) centers that desire to work with global peers to achieve and recognize excellence, enhanced by community goals. It was founded as a US nonprofit in 2016 and soon joined the Compassionate Birth Network.

While our respective networks overlap they also complement, inform, and enhance each other’s strengths while addressing gaps at the grassroots level. We are actively collaborating on the Global Data Registry Project by Good Birth focusing on data
collection and application to improving quality of global midwifery centers.


Global Force’s Compassionate Birth Network contribution is free consultation on
implementation of best practices (technical assistance), advocacy for the human rights of mothers and babies, and networking to expand funding and visibility of all Partners, helping to ensure their future and that of the Global Data Registry Project.

Our Network Partners


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