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The mission of Maison de Naissance (“Home of Birth”) near Torbeck in southwestern Haiti, is to significantly reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in underserved communities. Their vision: “Every mother and every baby, no matter what country they call home, has access to high quality and culturally relevant healthcare – the foundation of healthy, empowered communities.”

Overcoming the obstacles to care faced by women in resource-poor rural Haiti creates new opportunities for the generations of babies born at Maison de Naissance (MN), a US-registered nonprofit under the auspices of the Global Birthing Home Foundation. They offer a wide range of services including medical, economic, and educational programs. Financial support and educational programs provide desperately needed resources. Internet communication and information access connect healthcare providers in Haiti with the resources of medical centers and specialists in the United States. Integration of essential health services with community programs for health, education, and economic development promises to transform the local community.

Our Network Partners
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Our strategies for changing the economics of healthcare for the underserved in Haiti are:

  • Moving healthcare to the patient rather than the patient to healthcare;

  • Providing high quality care to all patients, with a sliding fee scale starting at zero;

  • Introducing internet technology in a community which is still without electric lights;

  • Maison de Naissance is open 24/7, and has only been closed for 5 days since opening in October 2004, following the August 14, 2021 earthquake.

Building on these strategies, MN offers two kinds of essential services for mothers and babies in Haiti:


Medical Care: Maison de Naissance provides a continuum of care from family planning through childhood vaccination. They emphasize wellness and preventative care while also providing essential services such as family planning, prenatal and postnatal education, obstetrical care, and newborn medical care. While outcome monitoring and process improvement are key, the competence and compassion of their healthcare teams are the heart of their programs;
Maternal Support: Maison de Naissance continues to support mothers after delivery. Their integrated community-based and home-based care is culturally appropriate, welcoming and friendly – the hospitality of a home rather than the potentially intimidating feel of a public hospital.


For more information, visit:


Executive Director: Jim Grant

Haitian Director: Pere Dr. Kesner Ajax



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