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Bangalore Birth Network (BBN) is a pioneering non-profit located in India (est. 2007) that raises awareness and changes the paradigm of maternal and newborn care, for people of all socio-economic backgrounds.


Their aim is to shift health care from a place of fear and overmedicalization to one based on evidence, respect and compassion.  Person-centered care improves outcomes and places importance on prevention and health promotion. BBN’s approach hinges on a triangulation of hearing and understanding birthing peoples’ experiences, medical evidence, and the concerns and needs of providers and healthcare facilities. This, in turn, changes the relationship of care.  

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Our Network Partners

Our current and past programmes include:

BBN developed a freestanding birth centre in 2019 that operates independently. Other illustrative projects include:

  • Midwifery-led care: The creation of holistic, collaborative care models in hospitals and independent centres, breastfeeding support, birth options counseling

  • Childbirth education classes

  • Maintain a Service Directory of birth support service providers.

  • Raising the skill level of childbirth professionals and placing them into high-need healthcare facilities

  • A program to create awareness of best practices during the first hour after birth (“Baby Gold”)

  • “My Birth Counts” Survey

  • And a COVID-19 MotherChild Helpline (April 2020)

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The BBN research team has undertaken numerous studies with original data collection in community and facility settings, and regularly presents findings at scientific conferences. They have established partnerships with local community-based NGOs and academic and clinical institutions, and belong to a UK / India research network focused on maternal child health, co-production and accountability.

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Contact Persons:

  • Asha Kilaru, Co-Founder and President

  • Madhavi Latha, Secretary 



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