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Over 300,000 women and nearly 10 times as many newborns die annually from complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Let's change this.

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We Are
Together for Global Health


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A global health network of nonprofit health providers and service organizations with a shared mission.
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Our Vision

We are a global coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable health care and wellness in low resource communities to ensure the people we serve can receive care regardless of ability to pay

Our Mission

To bring together diverse health-focused organizations and individuals that share a spirit of collaboration and empowerment, to support and partner with low resource communities globally. 

Why it was Important to save the Compassionate Birth Network:

“Our alliance has strengthened us beyond our wildest dreams. In one year we were able to restructure our organization, raise new funds, and participate in key global forums.”

- Cristina Alonso, Founder/Director, Luna Maya


Please note: the TGH network draws on a deep spiritual taproot, but the network is not limited through affiliation with any one religious or spiritual group. Our members are both secular and faith-based institutions and people. We embrace our shared spiritual values and universal principles and practices that demonstrate the healing power of love and compassion in action. Helping Children Worldwide, who administers and operates the network is a faith based organization affiliated with and supported by the United Methodist Church, and through contributions of individual faith congregations. HCW is not owned or operated by the UMC.

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