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Rohingya Health Update Thru the Eyes of Kim McQuoid, Ashland Volunteer

Kim and Rohingya mama & toddler--falling in love

Guest Blog by Kim McQuoid, Certified Nurse Midwife, Family Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Director, LaClinica (Medford, Oregon); Volunteer for Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh, A Network Partner (Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh)

This is my first international health care mission appointment.  My skills range over 38 years as a registered nurse, nurse midwife and family nurse practitioner. My goal in coming is to be of service to the Bangladesh midwives by teaching helping babies breath and mother’s survive. Bring up master trainers who then can train other midwives. Open discussions with the midwives on hypertension in pregnancy, gestational diabetes, anemia and postpartum hemorrhage.

Bangla midwives and Kim--reviewing Helping Babies Breathe

In the morning working in outpatient seeing women and pediatrics. The outpatient clinic sees 200 people per day.

Rohingya boys w/ Kim--improving health one child at a time

In any refugee area comes frustrations, not enough medicines or running out before the day ends, needing medical equipment that not there, not enough support staff for education. It challenges us to creatively improvise. The need is huge.

New Hope Fndn Field Hospital specializes in women's and children's care

The Rohingya people are human beings who have been marginalized brutally. They have a sweet, beautiful spirit. Came here with nothing into a jungle and have organized themselves ingeniously. The children are precious. I find myself just touching each patient I see with love, compassion, respect and empathy. Yesterday I gave the children I saw coconut lollipops. It is the small things that really matter. An act of kindness is sometimes all we can provide.

Many blessings, Kim McQuoid CNM FNP

Special thanks to Kim and Dr. Iftiker, Mahmood, Founder/Director of Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh, and the rest of the international team for your brilliant humanitarian work! It is a privilege to play a part in your work! With love, Kay

Dr. Mahmood, Kim & Bangladeshi colleague in front of field hospital which opened 9/20/18



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