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Mini Grant Winners!

Here are the 5 Compassionate Birth Network partners who were awarded Mini grants April 1. Read a synopsis below all images to learn how the grants from GFH will be used. Congrats!

Midwifery center, school and mobile clinics in Northern Haiti

Ikiama Nukuri (Ecuador) community health promoters

Hispanola Health Partners, southeast Haiti

Midwives for Haiti training nurses to be midwives

Luna Maya Midwifery Center (Chiapas, Mexico City)

The five winning project ideas include (in order of above photos):

* Complete midwifery kits for midwives in training, who will graduate soon from the MamaBaby Haiti midwifery school attached to the birth center; helps to launch new midwives

* Funding curriculum development for a new Ikiama Nukuri advanced workshop for indigenous (Achuar, Shuar) maternal health promoters in the Ecuadorian Amazon

* Grant-writing workshop in Haitian Kreyol language for Hispanola Health Partners' local staff, with the goal of helping the clinic become self-sustaining

* Advanced obstetrical models to train Midwives for Haiti (Haitian) midwifery students, grads and local birth attendants called "Matwons"

* Supporting Luna Maya Midwifery Center infrastructure through funds for clinical monitoring and information management; part of their plan for long-term sustainability in both locations.

We're delighted to provide modest funding to these partners for such innovative activities!



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