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Global Force for Healing is honored to collaborate with White Ribbon Alliance based in Washington, DC to advocate for the universal human rights of women, girls, and newborns around health care, safety, and empowerment. We share their vision of a world where all girls and women realize their right to quality healthcare and wellbeing.


White Ribbon Alliance is a locally led, globally connected grassroots movement advocating for the health and rights of women and newborns. They actively work in partnership with a vast network of National (country-based) Alliances of women, men, their families and communities, professionals and practitioners from diverse fields and all sectors of government. WRA uses many approaches to influence policy, research, and on-the-ground services, all of which put citizens at the center.

To learn more:

One example was the highly successful “What Women Want” campaign in 2019. The campaign registered the voices and views of over one million women and girls from 114 countries on what they most want regarding quality healthcare. See our blog post from July 19,2019:

Curious about what women want? Click here for global findings:


Three Global Force for Healing Board members including myself are part of the Global Respectful Maternity Care Council. Convened by White Ribbon Alliance, the Global Respectful Maternity Care Council is a multi-sectoral group comprised of more than 100 organizations, representing over 350 members from 45 countries around the world including researchers, clinicians, advocates, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies and donors.

Dedicated to identifying, implementing and advocating for strategies to promote respectful maternity care, tackle the problem of disrespect and abuse during childbirth, and ultimately improve the quality of reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care, they created the Universal Charter on the Rights of Childbearing Women in 2011. The Charter drew on universally agreed upon principles of human rights, which were ratified by almost all governments and provided the legal basis for each of its seven articles. These articles were written in plain English and translated into multiple languages.

In 2019, the RMC Council released an updated version – Respectful Maternity Care Charter: Universal Rights of Women and Newborns – to more clearly articulate the rights of women and newborns during maternity care. Please take a moment to peruse the recently updated Charter. I promise your will be inspired and motivated to join us in advocating for the rights of women, girls and newborns!

We invite you to join us in whatever way you can to advocate for VOICE AND CHOICE” during the childbearing years and beyond! To learn about other GFH Allies or to contact WRA and/or the Global RMC Council:

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