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Hope Foundation Puts Our Rapid Response Funds to Good Use!

Here's a report from Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh's Johanna Hansing about how our emergency funding was used. Heartfelt thanks to the donors who made respectful care practices possible during the global pandemic (Bangladesh)!

Midiwife Masks Pregnant Mama for Prenatal Checkup

HOPE Foundation teams are responding to the pandemic emergency on multiple fronts: inside the Rohingya Camps and in the host community of Cox’s Bazar — testing, caring for patients, offering health education, mental health support, and providing training for infection control measures in the health facilities to stop the spread of the virus.

Rural Midwife With Safely Delivered, Healthy Baby!

Thanks to the important support of partners, such as Global Health for Healing, we are able to continue HOPE important medical activities in Cox’s Bazar, minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus (protecting HOPE staff + HOPE patients) as hundreds of our patients are extremely vulnerable, like pregnant women or newborns.

Beautiful Baby Born June 2020 at Rural Birth Center

The funding received was used specifically to help maintain the activities of the nine HOPE Birthing Centers located in remote rural areas where access to maternal healthcare is very limited or nonexistent. At this point, HOPE Foundation is one of the few organizations still attending patients in the area.

Midwife Sumita Akther Supporting Safe Birth

We used the funds to purchase PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for HOPE staff working in the local Birthing Centers and masks, gowns for the patients, as well as basic items for the patients to help stop the spread of the infection and keep them healthy (water purification tablets, soap, prenatal vitamins, sanitizer).



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