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Haitian Partners 2 Weeks post-quake

Birth in a Tent at Maison de Naissance

Two weeks post-earthquake I'm happy to share some good news amidst ongoing

devastation in southern Haiti, danger of travel "even" for relief workers, and

chronic challenges including food security and clean water. First piece of good

news: our long-time partner, Maison de Naissance (MN, "home of birth") in Torbeck

near the epicenter is up and running in tents, since their main building is not safe.

Midwives Helping Midwives; Expanding the Circle of Care

Second piece of good news: A team of six Midwives for Haiti midwives arrived several days ago to help catch babies and offer pre-and-post-natal care to enable MN midwives help

their own families, since half of the staff lost homes and some lost family members in the quake. Midwives for Haiti midwives also have family in the area and some graduates are

on staff at MN. In other words, they are there for each other no matter what, which is at the

heart of the Compassionate Birth Network! The MFH team is in their signature color of pink.

Midwives for Haiti Assisting at Maison de Naissance

Hispanola Health Partners based in southeastern Haiti was not directly affected by the quake. They are also on the move to support post-quake medical needs including urgent surgeries. Their care team is also serving rural folks cut off from all services and the basic life necessities of food, shelter and clean water. They are accustomed to supporting rural communities with little or no other access to care, including perinatal (birth-related) services.

From Surgery to Giving Care Outdoors, HHP Is There!

Above, Dr James Pierre has been working ceaselessly to save lives at Hospital Immaculate Conception in Les Cayes. HHP is working with partners to procure desperately needed surgical supplies & medications so these dedicated surgeons can do their work. HHP's Dr. Roberto Peigne has been working alongside to meet an enormous need for surgeries.

MamaBaby Haiti's Alourde Alterma Gives Care Outside

Long-time MBH Midwife Carmelle Moise led three Board members including Co-founders Jennifer Gallardo and Patricia Couch to southern Haiti, where they are opening

a temporary birth center in Miss Alourde's home town in the affected area. They are also

providing water, food, shelter, and medications along with whatever care is needed.

They will then travel to central Haiti to visit their second birth center in Lascahobas, home village of Midwife Carmelle. There they will assess the situation with her 24 adopted kids who lost their home in the earthquake. Then they will head back north to Cap Haitien to visit the construction of their new birth center and midwifery school.

In addition to offering our encouraging thoughts, prayers, and heartfelt appreciation, it's up to us to support these remarkable humanitarian efforts by making key introductions, donating ourselves, and by asking others to join us in giving generously. 100% of money raised by each of these fine nonprofits goes directly where it matters most. Kindly consider donating directly to one or all of them, and

share this blog post. On behalf of our Compassionate Birth Network, thank you; mesi!



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