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Generosity Matters: Rapid Response Fund Uplifts 10 Network Partners!

10 Partners in 8 Countries Have Benefited So Far

Thanks to your generosity, 10 Compassionate Birth Network partners in 8 countries to date have received unrestricted funds for urgent Covid-19 needs:  

  • masks for pregnant families; PPE for midwives and other health staff

  • sanitation supplies for birthing families and midwifery centers & health clinics

  • water purification tablets, prenatal vitamins, and nutritional supplementation for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas

  • extra birth-related supplies

  • support of community health workers to plan and spread the word about Covid-19 and how to prevent it.

One Heart Worldwide Team Receives Supplies (Nepal)

One Heart's gratitude echoes what donors' generosity has made possible where Covid-19 is now impacting community wellbeing: "Many thanks for your support; it has truly made a difference for us."

Midwife Emmanuela Is Well Protected (Midwives for Haiti)

The Rapid Response (emergency) Fund has also made possible two unique expenses tied to Covid-19 in Uganda and Mexico:

Grace Family Clinic's New Incubator (Uganda)!

PartnerLuna Maya in Chiapas and Mexico CIty used funds to reduce costs to birthing families who would otherwise not be able to afford care, and to provide birth-related supplies and cleaning materials.

AND, a happy "unintended consequence" of your gifts, now totalling more than $20,000:

Another Recipient: Hispañola Health Partners (Haiti)

"This opportunity brought our staff together to brainstorm a practical plan and gave them much-needed practice in emergency planning and preparedness. Our gratitude is deeply felt."Hispañola Health Partners (Haiti)

In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu (South Africa): "My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together".



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