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Celebrating Openings in Indonesia and the Philippines!!

Sharing good news to follow up our recent request of final funding for a playground for children in Ubud, Bali: the funding goal has been reached! Ground has been broken and grass is now being added. What a blessing, just in time for Ibu ("Mother") Robin Lim's 63rd birthday, as she wished. Local children are busy learning at the nearby Bumi Resource Center, and soon will have a beautiful outdoor space to play. Hooray!

Team Bumi Sehat (Ibu Robin in center)

More good news: the Palawan Birth Clinic in the Philippines is now complete, and the Angel Hiromi Bumi Sehat Childbirth Clinic in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia has been licensed to open.

Congratulations and thank you to Bumi Sehat and Bumi Wadah Foundations for their efforts!



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