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Bumi Sehat Resource Center--Where Dreams Are Born! (Bali)

Founder Robin Lim w/ New Balinese Family

One of our very first Compassionate Birth Network partners is Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation) in Bali and Aceh, Indonesia. They also have been first-responders sending teams of midwives to disasters in many countries, including the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. This resulted in the co-creation of Bumi Wadah Foundation, which operates one midwifery-based birth center and another opening soon in underserved areas of the Philippines.

Resource Center, Hub for Learning and Fun!

Bumi Sehat's newest venture is a dedicated Resource Center in Ubud, Bali, their headquarters. Angel donors have sponsored a Center that in times of disaster will be a hub for emergency resources to meet local community needs. The Resource Center also provides daily free youth education classes on topics including computer science, language learning, dance, music, singing, organic gardening and team building. They hope these valuable skills will be the foundation for young Indonesian people to have brighter futures.

Where Play Starts from the Ground Up!

Bumi Sehat Foundations is currently raising money to build "Bumi Playground" in Nyuh Kuning Village, a community play space to cultivate the imagination and exploration as inspired by the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner. If you interested in contributing to the playground or general operations for Bumi Sehat, they--and we--would be most grateful! Your contribution is tax deductible if you live in the United States.

To learn more about the stunning results and impact of Bumi Sehat and 14 other Compassionate Birth Network partners:

We will feature another Network partner profile next week, so please check it out!



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