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Anti-bullying and Critical Thinking for Young Midwives in Bangladesh (Hope)

Hope Fndn Midwives: Anti-bullying Training

Certified Nurse Midwife Kim McQuoid who is volunteering with Hope Foundation, recently observed a beautiful presentation for Bangladeshi midwives to raise awareness re: bullying.

She has been busy mentoring, training, helping design curriculum for midwife nurses, and facilitating discussions around case studies to nurture critical thinking regarding patient care.

Developing Critical Thinking Using Visual Aids

Kim (also a family nurse practitioner from Ashland, Oregon, hometown to Global Force for Healing) is also working with local OB's and mental health-focused midwives to start an eagerly-awaited mental health program that is culturally safe and appropriate. She is also creating a bereavement policy/protocol when tragedy strikes a family. Brava, Kim! Brava,

Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh. Keep up the amazing work!



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