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A New Solar System Is Born in Uganda!

Solar Panels Now Power Grace Family Clinic (Uganda)

The term "unintended consequences" usually has a negative meaning--an action intended to have positive results ends up having an opposite effect. In this example, a positive unintended consequence of raising Covid relief funds for 10 Network partners was an additional recent gift of solar power for the entire clinic and maternity of Grace Family Clinic in central Uganda!

One Selection Committee Member for pandemic relief funding, Lauri Hughes coordinated fundraising for this new solar system; a project in alignment with Global Force's emergency grants distributed last month. A big "shout-out" to Lauri, a Colorado midwife, and our fellow committee members Cindy Stein (a GFH Board member) and Amy Marowitz (GFH advisor)! $20,000 in unrestricted funds was distributed in 8 countries. Additional funds are in reserve for urgent future needs as the global pandemic moves along.

Grace Midwives Run Incubator & Oxygen by Solar Now

The Grace health care team has already learned how to operate the system, thanks to local solar expert, Ronald. The system is robust enough to run all needs of the rural health center.

Ronald Teaching Staff to Operate the New System

Thanks again to everyone whose generosity has helped shine a light on what it means to all be in this together (no pun intended)!

For more information on the Fund or to contribute:

To learn more about Sunrise Centre/Grace Family Clinic & Maternity or to donate:



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