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Our Founder's Story



The vision of Global Force for Healing came while Kay was in residence at a spiritual healing center in Brazil just before 9/11. This was a time when many people were also called to contribute at a higher level to a world that works for all. Mother Teresa was the source of Kay’s inspiration to become a “global force for healing” herself and in turn, to inspire other global citizens. As a student of world religions, a wide variety of spiritual traditions, holistic approaches to health and healing, and of cultural diversity, it was essential that the work be inclusive of all cultural beliefs.

Kay Sandberg, Founder & Director
In the field with a partner
organization in Haiti

Why Focus on Compassionate Birth?


The Founding Board grappled with focus and how to co-create or partner with global projects that embody love and compassion in action. Over time it became clear that pregnancy and birth are the nexus of love, the first opportunity for most beings to get the “love nutrient”—or not.  Kay and the Board were moved to their core by women’s courage to risk their lives to give life to a new generation, especially in remote, indigenous or underserved areas where healthcare is extremely limited or absent altogether. They also knew that “how we are with birth is how we are with Mother Earth”, and trusted that when love is present it has a transformative, healing effect well beyond the immediate family or community.


Kay’s own experience giving birth twice in the United States provided access to quality care and “voice and choice”. Kay began to appreciate the incredible privilege of making childbirth-related decisions. This in turn motivated her to dedicate her life to ensuring that all women have equal access to high quality, affordable, and accessible care and education around childbirth choices, including family planning.

Credit: Jungle Mamas/The Pachamama Alliance

Inspired by Jungle Mamas and Other Projects Nurturing Gentle, Healthy Birth


While helping build capacity for the Jungle Mamas’ program of the Pachamama Alliance from its infancy, the path forward began to unfold. Kay began connecting with other grassroots birth-related projects in remote communities with similar challenges to become self-sustaining. This included Yayasan Bumi Sehat in Indonesia and One Heart World-wide working in Tibet and now Nepal. Both had so much to share with others. Jungle Mamas’ work in the Ecuadorian Amazon training local Achuar women as Community Maternal Health Promoters continues as women are empowered to support health and wellbeing of their families and communities.


The Gift of the Next Generation


The sheer joy of Kay’s two global grandchildren being born healthy, happy and loved renewed her passionate commitment to the organization’s vision and her own sacred calling, now joined by hundreds of mamas, babies, and grandparents!


We invite you help us write the next chapters of this story for the benefit of all!

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