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"We Make Childbirth Safer in Haiti": Featuring Partner Midwives for Haiti!

Haiti Welcomes New ED and Volunteers!

Midwives for Haiti's training center and headquarters in Hinche, Central Plateau recently welcomed new Executive Director, Jane Drichta, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife). MFH trains skilled birth attendants to increase access to care, and end preventable maternal and infant deaths in Haiti. Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere.

Jane recently shared the essence of their work in a story on their transition from operating mobile clinics for those who can't make it to Hinche or the Cabestor birth center to a network of eight community clinics! In the new community clinic model, communities receive weekly care from their midwives instead of the former system of monthly visits.Clinic space is provided by the Ministry of Health and Midwives for Haiti supplies the woman-power! This allows midwives and mamas to start bonding during the critically important prenatal phase. Besides offering reassurance and education, skilled birth attendants catch potentially life-threatening conditions like preeclampsia due to hypertension in time to treat them!

Relationships: The Heart of Midwifery and Compassionate Care

At this time of civil unrest and extreme challenges to everyday life for our friends in Haiti, it inspires us to support them even more actively, knowing the difference that courageous MIdwives for Haiti graduates are making throughout the country! To read more on the Midwives for Haiti blog and to donate to their life-saving work:



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