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Village Mothers and Fathers on the Frontline of Community Wellbeing (Uganda)

Village Fathers Meet US Dads Todd & Mike

Global Force for Healing's August Uganda journey with 9 volunteers, including two families with children, was a great success! One highlight while at Sunrise Centre in central Uganda was our meetings with Village Mothers and the newly-formed Village Fathers group. We had lively discussions on the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on families, on couples' relationships, what it is to be become an engaged parent, and the impact on community solidarity. Mike Thompson and Todd Herman, the two dads who were part of our group, were an inspirational presence for the new dads and vice versa. Mike, Todd and their sons Sean and Chetan worked tirelessly to paint the new birth center rooms. Thank you, thank you!

Dynamic Duo #1: Mike and son Sean from Ashland

Dynamic Duo #2: Todd and Chetan from Boulder, CO

VILLAGE MOTHERS are taking the lead in introducing Sunrise's women's health services to fellow villagers in the 8 communities served. The focus is on maternal & newborn care, and ensuring access to safe, compassionate birth services. The maamas are eager to continue offering health outreach to their neighbors and keep on learning themselves.

Village Mothers Gathering

VILLAGE FATHERS (see photo at top) are being mentored by Clinical Officer Geoffrey (Ugandan) on what it is to become dads and supportive partners. The new program is based on the "Paternity Project" curriculum authored by our Network Partner Cameroon Agenda for Sustainable Development (, funded by Global Force for Healing.The program has proven to be a very popular training in four modules, and is offered free of charge. To learn more or to request the curriculum for low-resource settings:

We are proud to partner with Sunrise Centre's Grace Medical/Maternity on these breakthrough initiatives to offer quality care and educational support!

With love as the force,


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Unknown member
Sep 18, 2018

Thank you Global Force for providing the seed grant that allowed the Village Mother program to take root and for connecting us to to network partner CASD. By joining hands we are reaching out to support more families in maternal and family health. With love and gratitude.

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