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SOS: 3 Days Left to Fund Midwives for Haiti's Mobile Prenatal Clinic--What If?...

Did you know more women and babies die in rural Haiti from entirely preventable causes than in any other country in this Hemisphere? Faced w/ a lack of skilled birth attendants (Matwons in Haitian Kreyol) and far distances to medical facilities, most rural women don't get the prenatal care they need.

Keep the Mobile Prenatal Clinic on the Road!

Here's the deal: Midwives for Haiti must raise about $30,000 USD more by this Sunday, 5/27--Haiti's Mother's Day. The Mobile Clinic that visits 24 remote locations at no cost to local mothers or their communities, is entirely funded by donors like you. Every dollar makes a difference! Your financial reply to this "SOS" call is tax deductible and will travel far to get Midwives for Haiti to their destination. Thank you very much--Mesi Anpil!

Kay for the Compassionate Birth Network, of which Midwives for Haiti is a valued Partner

To donate:

What if this mobile clinic did not exist?



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