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Safe Spaces for Rohingya Children

Paula, Kay and Lisa (nonmedical members of our Ashland group) created a safe space for Rohingya children waiting for their mothers being seen by the medical team including Dr. Bryan. Paula's origami cranes and UNICEF book of the world's children were huge hits! Sudee, our pediatric nurse practitioner saw 38 babies and young children today, and who knows how many patients Bryan saw for everything from foot ulcers to hypertension.

All adults had somatic symptoms of stress and/or trauma, per Bryan. Despite the incredible challenges they are living through, most children smile, engage and some light up like Christmas bulbs when they count to 10 in English or recite the ABC's--so eager to connect. More photos and stories to come. Please check Global Force for Healing's other blog posts ( and facebook page (globalforceforhealing).

Other aid agencies have also set up safe spaces for children to play inside and outside, and for women and girls to share their experiences and learn empowerment skills in a confidential, clean environment. After the trauma and deprivation they've experienced it's about time they have truly safe spaces just to be children! We look forward to continued partnership with Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh (! With love as the force, Kay for the Ashland team



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