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Meet The Revolutionary Love Project--Our Newest Ally!

Updated: May 4, 2020

The Revolutionary Love Project (RLP), founded by seasoned civil rights activist Valarie Kaur, inspires and equips people to ground their lives and social justice work in the ethic of love. We join them in envisioning a world where love is a public ethic, shared practice, and driver of social change in American life. Their mission is to produce stories that model the love ethic and lift up the voices of vulnerable communities, generate thought leadership on how the love ethic can disrupt cycles of violence and challenge systems of injustice, and build tools to equip people to practice the love ethic as individuals and as part of movements.

Please join me in signing their declaration to join the movement:

And follow Revolutionary Love on, and for more as we build this movement together!

With love as the force (Global Force for Healing tagline),




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