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Poignant Patient Story from Dr. Bryan Sohl

This beautiful Rohingya woman was seen by me at the Hope Field Hospital at Kutapalong camp. She complained of “fatigue, and stomach pain”. She graciously allowed me to take her picture after I asked her permission. I  told her I would tell all my friends her story. I bear witness that she fled Myanmar, and has “lost everything”.  She had her home burned down and her two sons, daughter, and her husband killed. I can’t imagine her escape from Myanmar to Bangladesh five months ago. (Per Dr. Bryan)

Bryan reported that all patients he saw that day had somatic symptoms- overall pain, weakness, headaches--everything associated with trauma. How could they not? Thanks to Dr. Bryan and his wife Paula for bearing witness to the suffering of the Rohingya people, lending compassionate support and expressing sorrow for the pain they have experienced.

Paula and Bryan will be in Bangladesh through the end of the month, during which time Bryan will see patients, and continue teaching and mentoring at every opportunity. Paula hopes to create loving, creative child-friendly spaces, also desperately needed. Love, Kay



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