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Our Volunteer Nurse Midwife Kim McQuoid Returns to Bangladesh!

Kim Mcquoid and Bangladesh Midwives (Jan. 2020)

Ashland's own Kim McQuoid, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) and FNP (Family

Nurse Practitioner) returned recently to southern Bangladesh as a volunteer for

Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh, our partner there. She is

surrounded by young midwives with fellow U.S. volunteer midwife Hannah Bergbower.

Kim factilated a clinical skills conversation with 9 local midwives from 5 birth centers

in rural Bangladesh run by Hope Foundation. She's enjoying every minute!

Hope for Bangladesh provides lifesaving healthcare to vulnerable rural women and children. They offer free maternity and newborn services, 3-year midwifery training, and training for village health professionals. Their staff and global volunteers also surgically repair obstetric fistulas, operate a 40-bed hospital for underserved Bangladeshis and a 24/7 women's and children's hospital in the Rohingya refugee camp. Hope's team has offered more than one million essential/lifesaving patient care visits to date!

Stay tuned for more from our volunteer Kim, who will be in Bangladesh for two months.

to learn more about Hope:, a US-registered 501c3 nonprofit.



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