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On the Road Again; The Joy of Togetherness!

Int'l Women's Day with ACAM Midwives (Guatemala)I

In our April 21st email blast, we shared how after a long hiatus due to Covid, Global Force for Healing is thrilled to have resumed Compassionate Birth Network partner visits. The

GFH Executive Director was privileged to spend International Women’s Day with Indigenous ACAM midwives and Maya Midwifery International staff in rural Guatemala. We accompanied four Maya midwives to their monthly mobile clinic at Las Victorias. 39 women received prenatal care including ultrasound. It was an amazing day!

Matwón offer cervical cancer services to HIV+ women (HHP. Haiti)

Next month Kay and a team of Compassionate Birth Network experts, in partnership with birth center partner Luna Maya, will offer a pilot training program for cervical cancer screening, treatment and prevention. Upwards of 180 women will receive free services as Erin, Karen and Louise instruct 12-15 healthcare professionals in how to do the screening and treatment. We are partnering with Partners in Health (Compañeros en Salud) in Jaltenango, in addition to Luna Maya's birth center in San Cristobal, Chiapas state. Cervical cancer is preventable if women are screened and treated early. We are excited about the impact of this week-long training in an area with little or no screening services to date!

Collaboration is a core thread woven throughout our work. Read the full email here:

Note: Copy the link and paste it into your browser to read the full email.



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