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New Collaboration in Chiapas, Mexico for cervical cancer prevention!

Ari and Hened practicing exams (Nueva Palestina)

Global Force for Healing was thrilled to collaborate with Compassionate Birth Network partner Luna Maya birth center in San Cristobal and Partners in Health (Compañeros en Salud) based in Jaltenango, Chiapas State. Three expert practitioners from our Network fluent in Spanish and experienced in offering state-of-the-art training in low-resource areas trained 14 Mexican women doctors, nurses and midwives in cervical cancer screening, treatment and prevention.

Happy training prog. grads and staff in Jaltenango

Cervical cancer screening for low-resource settings called "Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid" (vinegar) was offered free of charge to approximately 175 women in 4 locations, giving trainees many opportunities to practice and observe others practicing. Women who required removal of precancerous lesions were treated with thermocoagulation on the spot, which participants were trained to do. One thermocoagulator each now resides in Jaltenango (a rural area) and San Cristobal (main town in Chiapas). Now the health care professionals can offer this life-saving service on their own.

Thermo practice on chicken thighs

Global Force for Healing is super grateful to the collaborating organizations, women screened, the three excellent trainers: Louise, Erin and Karen--and to our donors who made the training possible.

Happy Luna Maya birth center grads with Erin & Louise!



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