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Midwife's Skill Creates a Happy Ending

Midwife Harriet Saves the Day (Uganda)

This beautiful baby was delivered safely recently by Head Midwife Harriet at Grace Maternity, our partner in central Uganda. His mama first went to the government health center. Because the baby was in breech position signaling a high risk pregnancy, they turned her away and told her to go to a bigger hospital. There was no doctor on duty at the health center and no supplies due to Covid-19. So they could not perform a Cesarean section, and were reluctant to try a vaginal birth because of his position.

The mother was afraid to go to the bigger hospital, fearing they too would turn her away and it was far away. A passerby told her about Grace Clinic, where she was warmly received. Midwives Harriet and Annette slowly, with lots of encouragement, supported the mother to give birth naturally. Both mama and baby are doing well, and the world is a richer place for their love and care. Happily, their training included delivery of difficult presentations like breech birth.

Midwife Harriet pictured here is enrolled in an advanced midwifery degree program thanks to a generous Global Force for Healing donor. We all need more good news these days!



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