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Meet Midwife Budi of Lombok, Indonesia, a True Heroine!

Prenatal visit in a tent with Midwife Budi

Bidan (Midwife) Budi Astiti is an inspired leader who has established Bumi Sehat as a strong presence in North Lombok, Indonesia.

Budi graduated as a nurse in 1993 and from additional midwifery training in 1994. On her home island of Lombok, Indonesia Budi served as a maternity clinic midwife and nurse from 1997-2004. During that time she was also a professor of midwifery.

Marriage took Budi to Bali, where she managed the Bumi Sehat childbirth clinic in Nyuh Kuning village. After tragically losing her first baby at 28 weeks pregnant and almost losing her own life, Budi and her husband welcomed baby Nandhu at 32 weeks. Budi was a shining example of breastfeeding as she practiced her beloved profession of midwifery. She remained clinic manager and head midwife at Bumi Sehat for several years before becoming the head of midwifery at another clinic for 10 years.

2018 Lombok earthquakes don't deter Bidan Budi

A series of six devastating earthquakes in 2018 struck down the entire northern half of Lombok Island. A team of Bumi Sehat midwives, nurses, and doctors including Budi were first responders immediately following the quakes. Though herself in shock, she met with the local health authorities and gained their blessing to set up a field clinic. The clinic’s compassionate care continued following the earthquakes in Lombok, and Budi served as head of the medical team treating patients while the team lived in tents for two years.

Budi attends family during labor and safe delivery

Budi’s philosophy on birth, life and death is to honor God's grace for compassion, love, trust, and to believe in peace with gratitude. She says, “In every dream of mine, I always hoped to be of great use to the people of Lombok, especially when I worked at Bumi Sehat Bali. We prayed and hoped that someday there will be such a foundation in Lombok. God listened to our prayers and in the aftermath of the Lombok earthquakes, God showed us the way to realize our prayers and hopes. Now there is the Bumi Sehat Lombok Foundation. I want to help all mothers get their rights to have a healthy pregnancy, give birth with love and compassion, sweetness, safety and peace. I wish all mothers and babies to be supported in exclusive breastfeeding.”

We were thrilled to honor Midwife (Bidan) Budi this past Monday, January 11 as our superstar of the week! She will receive a Certificate of Recognition from Global Force and the Compassionate Birth Network to acknowledge her compassionate, loving care. Heartfelt thanks to Ibu Robin Lim of Bumi Sehat (Indonesia) for this moving tribute to her colleague. Kay



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