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Meet MamaBaby Haiti, Our Newest Global Partner!

Life-saving Services Where There Have Been None

MamaBaby Haiti is a non-profit birth center, health clinic, and midwifery school located in Northern Haiti. Their mission is to lower the maternal and neonatal mortality rate by providing a safe place for Haitian women to receive life-saving respectful care at the hands of skilled Haitian midwives at no cost. In support of this mission, they also operate a free midwifery school where Haitian nurses are trained for two years to become midwives.

Roselyne & Cameron, Midwife Carmelle's Adopted Kids

They provide free care, knowing most of the women in Haiti do not have their babies with skilled birth attendants. The lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy-related causes in Haiti is 1 in 90. Most of these deaths are preventable. They provide over 100 prenatal appointments a week, attend over 50 births per month, and do mobile clinics in the slums and remote villages where they care for hundreds of people each month.

Joys of Becoming a New Family

In 2020, MamaBaby Haiti will celebrate her 10-year anniversary as a non-profit 501(c)3 birth center in Haiti, having attended over 5,000 births and offering over 50,000 appointments. Their midwifery school will have its second graduating class of eight students in June 2020.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020 as the year of the nurse midwife. Research indicates that midwives are key to reducing maternal and neonatal death rates around the globe.

MamaBaby Haiti is saving the lives of moms and babies every day!

For more information:; email:

Midwife, President and Founder: Jennifer Gallardo; Nurse and Midwife: Carmelle Moise

Nurse+Midwife Carmelle Moise w/ Her Baby

Jennifer Gallardo--Midwife, President, Founder



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