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Listen to the Voices of Women Around the World, then Act!

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

The White Ribbon Alliance's campaign, What Women Want gave voice to over a million women from around the world asking: What do you want for your maternal and reproductive health care? And while every woman’s voice matters, they hoped to hear from those whose voices are often hidden. The results resounded throughout the world: women demand access to quality, respectful care!

Hildah in Uganda

The White Ribbon Alliance exceeded their goal, and the powerful force of 1,187,738 women and girls stood up together and spoke for what they want and need for their health and well-being. Recently, the results were published in a report titled What Women Want.

By simply asking this one question the ripple of change has become a wave. Conversations were sparked between women and girls about their basic human rights. These dialogs brought awareness and hope for safe, decent, quality care.

Urvah from Pakistan

"Listening to women is a radical act.

But acting on what we hear is revolutionary."

Aparajita Gogoi & Kristy Kade

Co-chairs, What Women Want: Demands for Quality Healthcare for Women and Girls

It is our job then to act. If you are a health care provider, implement and advocate for change in your practice and institution. If you are a patient, demand quality respectful care. Talk to government officials. Join the What Women Want campaign. Host a What Women Want event. Donate to grassroots organizations like those in our Compassionate Birth Network that represent access to quality, respectful care: Thank you!

Guest blogger: Vanessa Jackson, Global Force for Healing

Below is a list of the top twenty demands:



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