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Haitian Mother's Day on May 31, 2020: Meet our Partners

Updated: May 30, 2020

Sunday, May 31 is Haitian Mother's Day, a very important day for our 4 Network Partners scattered throughout Haiti. They're 100% dedicated to supporting families, staff and local communities to be as healthy and safe as possible. This is despite drought conditions, food scarcity, and a need for extra sanitation and hygiene to guard against the global pandemic.

I hope you will check out their websites (see bottom of this blog) and Facebook pages, and donate in honor of your own mother, grandmother, or other special people in your life. Your support is especially critical now, and is sure to be used well--and deeply appreciated!

Hispañola Health Partners: Happy Mother's Day!

MamaBaby Haiti Prenatal Visit with Ultrasound

Maison de Naissance's Director Rosena w/ Newborn

Midwives for Haiti's Haitian Heritage Mo. Campaign (May)

Thanks to our own dedicated donors and board, we were able to send Rapid Response Funds to all 3 Haiti Partners who applied. We appreciate you being part of our global family!



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