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Grace Maternity's Big Plans in Partnership with Village Mothers & Village Fathers (Uganda)

Village Fathers Encourage Neighbors to Get Involved in Pregnancy and Birth!

Thanks to Grace Maternity (Sunrise Centre) outreach via their Village Fathers program, more men are starting to accompany their partners to prenatal visits and occasionally during birth.

The Village Fathers and Village Mothers continue to learn and pass that learning on to

other villagers, resulting in a large increase in midwifery center births and therefore, safer deliveries for mamas and babies. With sufficient funding Grace has big plans to launch an "Early Start" home visit program to solve practical problems like transportation to their clinic.

When fully funded the program will extend from prenatal appointments thru delivery and the first year of the newborn's life, the most dangerous time for children in the developing world.

Being Supported During Pregnancy Brings Smiles to Expectant Parents' Faces!

The Village Mothers and Village Fathers programs have been very worthwhile in reducing preventable deaths, increasing family health and building community trust in clinic services. Birth is expertly managed by Midwife Harriet and Midwife Anat. Midwife Harriet is currently pursuing an advanced midwifery degree while raising her own children and continuing as head midwife. If you would like to support this vital work, please visit: Your contributions are fully tax deductible in the US and Canada. Thank you!



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