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Global Data Registry: Collecting Important Information

We have been collaborating with the GoodBirth Network in the development of a Global Data Registry for Midwifery Centers. The intention is to collect data from midwifery based centers around the world to document and monitor the many aspects of respectful care and community assets. Furthermore, the data registry can be used as an important tool for quality assurance and accounability.

Graph illustrating the data collected for services provided

The database includes over 100 variables including model of care and services offered, health outcomes, processes for respectful care, triage and emergency services, education of the health care providers, facility data, financial structure, fees, and administrative practices.(

This database compiles prospective, case-based information about client visits. Variables include the visit type and visit location (midwifery center, alongside unit, home, community location), selected outcomes, and client experience. Exit surveys provide a powerful way to monitor multiple aspects of respectful care.  Midwifery centers receive individual and aggregate data for benchmarking and quality improvement projects. (

The registry enables quality improvement at individual midwifery centers and collective improvement of this healthcare model. It provides much needed data to drive the conversations of the importance to fund and support midwifery based centers.

Please contact us or for more information in joining the registry and/or support!



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