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"From Silos to Synergy" is Birthed!

For community-led solutions to equity and human rights challenges to thrive, community health leaders and changemakers need sufficient funding. Is our global funding system set up to adequately support the people and programs that make the biggest difference for maternal and infant health?

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of “From Silos to Synergy: How the Funding Landscape is Shifting for Maternal and Newborn Health, Justice, and Equity” (March 10, 2021), which was published to answer this critical question and more.

The new report explains existing gaps and challenges in current funding for maternal and newborn health, and outlines recommendations for the way forward. The 30 interviews and extensive desk research showed an almost unanimous recognition of the need to sustainably fund more grassroots, community-led organizations, including partners in our Compassionate Birth Network. Many partners were consulted for their wisdom, which is included in the report.

Global Force for Healing partnered on the study with Global Health Visions and the National Birth Equity Collaborative, and we raised most of the study costs. Find the full report here. We welcome your comments and questions!

We’re also delighted that the study confirmed funding networks and intermediaries like Global Force for Healing as a good investment to be prioritized going forward.

We’re proud to have collaborated on such an important advocacy-related companion to “Funding Equity: Birth Justice and Human Rights in Maternal and Newborn Health” we co-produced in late 2019.

Stay tuned for upcoming online presentations highlighting the study’s recommendations and relevance to supporting community-led, grassroots initiatives. We’d appreciate you sharing the link to the study and social media posts. Click here to share our most recent post on Facebook: Click here to retweet a link to the study: Thank you in advance!



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