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Boys to Men; Uganda's Village Fathers

Ben w/ Son; Village Fathers Program Success!

Meet dad Ben and his 17 month old son who recently returned to thank Clinical Officer Geoffrey for teaching him about prenatal care, pregnancy and fatherhood as part of Grace Medica/Maternity's "Village Fathers Program". The curriculum was provided by our Network partner in Cameroon, then adapted for Uganda by Geoffrey and colleagues. Dad Ben took initiative to bring is son to the clinic for a check-up. He mentioned how peaceful their home is as they share household responsibilities. They are practicing family planning, aiming to have a second child when their toddler is 5. Quite a culture shift in just a couple of years!

Village Fathers Meet Super Dads Todd and Mike (2018)

When "pregnant" Ugandan fathers met with two volunteers from the US on a trip Global Force organized with Sunrise Centre Uganda, there was a lively discussion from how best to support your partner during labor to sex after childbirth. Clearly this meeting and Grace clinic's guidance by Geoffrey (far right in pink shirt) made a big impression on Dad Ben.

Sunrise School's Boys Club--from "Boys to Men"

Sunrise School next to Grace Medical/Maternity recently started a Boys Club to accompany the Girls Rise Up Club started when our group volunteered in August 2018 and is still going.

Thanks to the local staff, our volunteer families and Board members had the experience of a lifetime. We trust it was a memorable time for everyone. Maybe one of these boys will become a medical officer himself and a caring father someday! For more info or to donate:

. Thank you!



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