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Bangalore Birth Network's Baby Gold

Twenty percent of global maternal and infant mortality occurs in India. Many of these deaths could be prevented with simple measures if made routine for every woman and newborn. Giving women the necessary care and support helps ensure that new mothers and their babies have the best possible start to life together.

BBN's practices even more important during Covid

The Bangalore Birth Network (BBN) Baby Gold program is about Birth Hour care--helping women and babies thrive in the first hour after birth. Best practices include:

*Drying the baby gently, preserving the natural white cream (vernix);

*Optimal cord clamping: Clamp when the umbilical cord turns white (to preserve one-third of the baby's blood still outside the body immediately after delivery);

*Placing the baby immediately on the mother skin-to-skin; not forcing the baby to the nipple;

*Supporting early initiation of breastfeeding to ensure the baby benefits from colostrum;

*Maternal Microbiome Seeding, i.e., transfer of beneficial maternal bacteria to the newborn that occurs through First Hour practices.

These practices are even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic to help every woman and her baby stay safe at a time when maternal and child health is facing grave challenges and barriers to care. BBN has integrated Baby Gold into the MotherChild Helpline to provide additional support to help women and their babies during this pandemic.

Read the companion blog to learn more about BBN's MotherChild Covid-19 Helpline.

To support them and make a tax-deductible donation, please contact:

BBN provides education and services to underserved women

Global Force for Healing is honored to partner with Bangalore Birth Network and share their effective practices to help mothers and babies thrive!

Thanks to BBN team of Asha Kilaru, Nora Kropp and Sapna Krishnan for the blog content!



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