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Bangalore Birth Network: Every Birth Matters!

Compassionate Birth Network Partner Bangalore Birth Network (India) is a women-led NGO that believes all women should have access to evidence-based information and support required to ensure they and their babies have the best possible start to life. BBN plays a big role in changing the field of Maternal and Child Health in India by nurturing an environment where all women have access to birth professionals during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.

Global Force for Healing’s role is to help build capacity and offer educational resources & opportunities along with our Network partners.

Check out BBN’s beautiful new website and sign up for their newsletter:

Today we highlight their Covid Mother-Child Helpline, which provides free counseling and information in eight Indian languages throughout India and beyond. In 2020, their ability to successfully address callers’ needs was close to 100%, putting into practice their core value that every birth matters!

BBN has integrated their Baby Gold program into the Helpline to provide additional support to women and babies during the pandemic. Did you know more than one quarter of all neonatal deaths happen in India, and the first 28 days after birth are the most dangerous for newborn survival worldwide? Many of these tragedies may be prevented by higher coverage of quality prenatal care, skilled care at birth and in the postnatal period for mother and baby. Baby Gold employs evidence-based, global best practices to help ensure not only survival, but thriving during this vulnerable period. Bravo and thank you!

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