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All Roads Lead to Grace for Board Member Nurse Midwife Cindy Stein!

En route to Sunrise Centre's Grace Medical/Maternity

Certified Nurse Midwife Cindy Stein, a dedicated Global Force for Healing Board member and veteran of projects in Africa and elsewhere, recently returned from a remarkable visit

to meet with the healthcare staff, lead a workshop for midwives, be another pair of hands at births when asked, talk with patients, go along on village educational outreaches, and oh yes, chaperone a sleepover for adolescent girls at Grace Medical/Maternity's sister project, Sunrise School. All in a short but a memorable visit for Cindy and for our Ugandan partners!

TLC and antrietrovirals work to stop HIV transmission!
Hard to leave staffers Annette and Geofrey

We're so grateful for the GRACiousness of GRACE Medical/Maternity, local communities who were so welcoming, and all who made Cindy's visit a reality--especially to Cindy herself!

Stay tuned for more stories from the road.

With love as the force,


Proud parents of a healthy, beautiful baby!



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