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$20,000 Goal Achieved; Help Us Get to $30,000 for Global Pandemic Relief!

Namaste and Thank You (One Heart Worldwide, Nepal)

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated from $10 to $5,000 US to support Compassionate Birth Network Partners in meeting urgent COVID-19 needs through our

Outdoor Well-Baby Clinic (Maison de Naissance, Haiti)

We are still actively raising funds as the global pandemic rolls through partner communities in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, and Uganda! We are all in this together--please help love go viral. No amount is too small!

Supporting Grassroots Birth Centers and Clinics Here

Distributing Precious Gloves (Cameroon)

Thank you for showing the most vulnerable among us that we have not forgotten about their suffering and know we can learn from their creativity, innovation, and resilience. We are truly

ALL in this together! To learn more:



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