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Founder Ibu Robin Lim began serving her community in the area of Ubud, Bali in 1994, providing free maternity services and care for children under the age of five. After a report in 2003 identifying Indonesia as the country in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with the highest maternal mortality (373/100,000 births), Ibu (Mother) Robin and her team decided to incorporate as a nonprofit to share their best practices and model for gentle birth. Bumi Sehat is a founding partner of the Compassionate Birth Network.


Circle of Compassionate Care for Mama and Baby


Fully dilated, fully empowered Ibu Putu about to birth her first Baby

Our Network Partners

‘Bumi Sehat’ means ‘Healthy Mother Earth’.


Bumi Sehat's Mission: “To reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality, and to support the health and wise development of communities”. The organization operates under the principle that access to gentle, skilled, hygienic, and culturally appropriate childbirth is a human right. To improve this access, Yayasan Bumi Sehat works to provide general health services, emergency care, pre/postpartum care, birth services, and breastfeeding support, in Bali, Aceh, Lombok and Sentani Papua, Indonesia, plus 2 birth centers in the Philippines. They support MotherBabies with respect and love, without expecting payment, while keeping the mother’s integrity throughout her reproductive health experiences.


Midwife Lili Suebu of Angel Hiromi Bumi Sehat Papua, going the distance for Mother and Babies

A new holistic community health clinic and birth center was completed in 2016 in Bali and was dedicated on Robin Lim’s 60th birthday. In 2020 a beautiful clinic/ birth center was completed in the earthquake disaster zone in Lombok. Community health and birth centers in Aceh and Sentani Papua, Indonesia plus Leyte and Palawan, Philippines are actively supporting the people. Robin was named 2011 CNN Hero of the Year for her selfless service with marginalized people and in post-disaster settings globally. Bumi Sehat is an original Partner of Global Force for Healing.

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For more information:

Founder/Director: Ibu (Mother) Robin Lim

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